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About David Chilcott | Author

David Work Painting

Hi, I’m David Chilcott, and I’ve been writing now for about five years. I’m a mechanical engineer by training, but I became a serial entrepreneur. I sold my last company a few years ago. For the last twenty years I’ve been a professional artist, painting exclusively in watercolour, so it’s no surprise that is what McBride, my fictional hero does. I live in Yorkshire.


published by Amazon Kindle £2.32 as an ebook.

The Girl With No Last Name

She was pretty, mid-twenties maybe, but painfully thin. She stood in front of John McBride in the gallery full of his paintings. She was trying to palm a note in the act of shaking his hand. Later when he opened the note he learned she was a prisoner in a quasi-religious Cult a four-hour drive from Sydney. McBride loved adventure, and he set about finding out more. He tracked down the cult, found out the background, tried to visit and was met with a man carrying a rifle, threatening to use it. A fire which burns down the wooden premises used by the cult are witnessed by McBride during a recce.